Quiet Storm Racing
The QSRT team.

We currently have 2 Drivers, 2 Vehicles and run in Super Stock class as well as the Gmabler 500 series

  Running the number #28 Trans Am in Super Stock class is McCaslin Cain.

The number #00 Ford RS Rally car is driven by Austin Jardine in the 
Gambler 500 race series.
Here is the number 28 Trans Am a longv way from race ready! But things are moving fast as race day is approaching!
DemoX pit party!

Singing autographs for our awesome fans!

We race for you!
Thanks for coming out
The Pathfinder grabbing some air in 2017 
The old DEMO X days! FUN FUN.
Thanks to Whitthar Racing for the cage and chassis prep work!

We are a family team. We dedicate this team to Dalton Starck who now watches the races from the highest ... we miss you and think of you always!
Join us for the 2019 racing season!

This year marks the return of leaf spring equipped racecars on Colorado's only NASCAR track

Come join us at 
Colorado National Speedway
and cheer on our new 
Pontiac Trans Am
#28 Super Stock
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Drivers / Stats

Big Country Speedway
2017 Track Champion!

Warrior class #28 Saturn

Here is our also under construction Ford RS that will be tearing up the Gambler 500 series this season!
Spohie 1.  The Kia doing its thing!
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Trans Am waiting for its next life as a circle track racer. The clock is ticking!